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Westwood Fabrication is the ONLY DuPont™ approved Corian® fabricator in London.


With every job we complete DuPont™ authorise a 10 year warranty.


As a company we have over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of Corian® worktops.


Westwood have obtained a wealth of experience particularly in the domestic Kitchen & Bathroom market, however we have also completed various large scale commercial projects.


We only fabricate DuPont™ products, highlighting our expertise in this field and also our passion and dedication to the product.





DuPont™ Corian® is the original solid surface material made only by DuPont™, which provides the freedom to create inspired designs.


For Kitchens, worktops made with Corian® flow effortlessly into Corian® sinks to eliminate joints where dirt and germs can hide.


Corian® can be thermoformed into curves and unsual shapes.


A selection of Corian® sinks and bowls are available for seamless integration.


Custom accents such as inlays and edge treatments can be used to create unique designs.


Upstands, Wall Cladding and Window Reveals can be jointed seamlessly to Corian® worktops.


With its unlimited design flexibility, inspired colours, durability, Corian® brings beauty, practicality and imagination into your home.





DURABLE-                       High performance product that can withstand frequent spills and constant use.


SOLID THROUGHOUT-  Sratches can be easily polished out without affecting the colour.


NON-POROUS-               Substances including fats, oils and liquids will not be absorbed by the surface.


HYGIENIC-                        The material cannot be penetrated and with no visible pores dirt cannot be

                                            trapped within.


SAVANNAH Complete Kitchen quality-network (2) SILVER BIRCH with Hob Bars (250x200)