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In order that we may effect a trouble free installation we recommend that templates are taken prior to manufacture.


This would mean that the client is absolved from the responsibility of providing accurate measurements and ensures worktops are fabricated to the precision required.


Once Templating is completed, the Corian® is fabricated within our factory. We return to site to complete the Site Fitting within 7-10 days approx. from Templating date.


Our teams of Templaters and Fitters are all highly trained and skilled individuals which ensures that every job is completed to the highest standard.


As an authorised Corian® installer we have fixed standards and regulations which must be met.


We would be delighted to estimate for any Corian® enquiry you may have and always aim to submit our quotation within 48 hours.


Should you require product samples or literature, we can provide these upon request.


Corian Sinks and MIXA Bowls available